overfitted.io is a cloud-based platform which aims to present in-house research efforts and implementations of different solutions in the fields of:

  • Computer Vision
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Deep Learning

The main objective is to provide accessible services in order to assist end-users, developers and businesses in tackling difficult problems and achieving competitive results.


All services are hosted on our cloud infrastructure to ensure minimal implementation complexity and overhead. This permits any registered user to interact with any service through an active internet connection by programatically submitting data and awaiting results without having to perform computationally expensive operations or integrate large external modules into existing projects.

Each available service is hosted on a different subdomain (e.g.: service-1.api.overfitted.io) and documentation with regard to API interactions will be publicly available. A request is made to this endpoint and a response is synchronously returned when available.


Registration is required to interact with the services exposed here. Each registered account receives an unique API key which must be included in any request made to a service. Besides the API key, each account starts with a number of credits (balance) which is consumed when services are used.

See the Get Started section for more details on this.