The platform aims to present in-house research efforts and implementations of different solutions in the fields of Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. The main objective of this platform is to provide either original or improved services in order to assist both end-users and developers in tackling difficult problems and achieving competitive results.
For each exposed service, attempts are made to provide relevant and transparent benchmarks while also ensuring REST-based API access.


A blog can be found at this address where general information will be published along with relevant benchmarking results for our services. We intend to benchmark our solutions on realistic data, which is often provided by collaborators or encountered in the wild, in order to remain relevant and of interest.


We host and run all our solutions on our cloud infrastructure to ensure minimal implementation complexity and overhead. This permits the users to interact with any service through an active internet connection by submitting data and awaiting results in a REST-based manner without having to perform computationally expensive operations or integrate large external modules into existing projects.

Each available service is hosted on a different subdomain (e.g.: and documentation with regard to API interactions will be detailed in the corresponding documentation. Despite this, all services will require attaching a global, account-level, API key in order to identify the end-user who generated the request. This key can be generated from the Get Started section.

We mention that all implementations vary in complexity and thus require different amounts of resources. This can cause the exposed services to become more or less responsive under certain circumstances, especially when many requests are received by our endpoint. To account for this, we will make efforts in balancing the infrastructure and optimizing the user-experience although a certain amount of time is required to properly stabilize new services.


We list contact information on the bottom of the page for possible inquiries.